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Burnham Boilers

Why Choose Burnham?

Burnham leads in the manufacture and marketing of high-quality boiler systems for commercial and industrial use.

Burnham offers:

Dependability. Burnham Boilers are built for high efficiency without compromising long-term reliability. Our design and manufacturing standards have resulted in systems totaling tens of thousands of operating hours. We stand by our product with extensive warranties and a service network spanning the entire nation.

Flexible solutions. Burnham Boilers offers a full line of steel, stainless steel, and cast iron solutions—the only manufacturer offering all three. We offer multiple configurations, venting options, and connections, for total flexibility in application and design. If your engineers and architects can conceive it, we can make it.

Efficiency. Efficiencies of over 85%, even up to 95%, are available in your boiler system, depending on the model and application. Burnham factors in everything—efficiency ratings, firing to load demand, compact design, standby mode for safe operation during service periods, piping settings and more. We’ll deliver to you the most efficient system possible, to meet your requirements in efficiency, cost, and service.

Quality. Burnham has developed numerous unique manufacturing techniques that ensure the long-lasting quality of our product, setting high standards for strength and flexibility; resistance to shock; greater heat transfer capabilities; and many more attributes.

Knowledge. Our in-house Engineering and R&D teams have extensive experience designing and innovatively improving heating equipment and control systems. We work with a vast network of knowledgeable representatives, distributors, and support personnel, all of whom support or products.

Precision. We design and produce our products to meet the highest standards set by ASME certifications and UL Listing standards.

Made in the USA. All Burnham products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Cast iron sections have been forged at Casting Solutions LLC, Zanesville, Ohio, which means quality control and the quickest availability of standard or custom parts.

Innovation. What’s ahead for the next generation of boiler control systems? Plug & play controls and advanced LED readouts for ultimate control and full expandibility. Our compact boiler design offers the cost-saving advantages of a multiple boiler system that also manages to reduce emissions. Features like Ethernet (CAT-5e) connectivity allow integrated communication among multiple boilers and facility management systems.



NTI Boilers

The Trinity Fire Tube (Tft) heat exchanger is ASME certified and uses an innovative down-fired concept. The tubes have a dimpled design to optimize heat transfer, which increases energy efficiency. The TFT features an 8:1 turn-down with an AFUE rating of 95% and has a built-in 7" Touch Screen display.

Our family-operated business manufactures only top-quality hydronic heating equipment. Acknowledged as a leader in research and product development, NTI is a pioneer in developing the most advanced and efficient home heating equipment.

Innovative. NY Thermal Inc. has been an industry leader providing the ultimate in features and efficiency. Our 40-year-old family business is committed to continuous product improvement. When you buy NTI, you buy the best.

Efficient. Save the planet The Trinity Fire Tube can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 50%, and lead to a reduction of 2.5 tons of GHGs, equivalent to two acres of, or 280, trees.

Save money: Savings of up to 40% on heating bills due to superior efficiency.

Dependable. At NTI, we manufacture all of our boilers to the highest industry standards. Our in-factory Quality Control tests are the most rigorous in the industry. Every Tft boiler is factory run and calibrated for optimal performance. Our limited warranty provides you with the assurance of years of worry-free operation and our Technical Support is second-to-none in the industry



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